Pneumatic High-Pressure Valves


Pneumatic High-Pressure Valves

Pneumatic High-Pressure Valves

For high pressure levels of up to 1370 bar (19870 psi) and temperatures of up to 160 °C

The respective high-pressure valves are pneumatically operated 3/4-way valves for pressure levels of up to 1370 bar (19870 psi). They are perfectly suited for high-pressure applications or high-temperature applications up to 160 °C.

The supplied pilot-valve terminal lets you integrate these valves into a setup of one or multiple syringe pumps very easily. The number of pilot valves on the terminal can be customized. This makes it possible to control 4 or more 3/4-way high-pressure valves simultaneously.

Suitable for:

Fluidic Data

Wetted Materials Stainless Steel 316* / Hastelloy C-276 for corrosive materials or brine
Sealing Material Viton* / Chemraz / Aflas / Buna / PTFE / UHMW
Max. Pressure 5000 / 10000 / 20000 psi
CV-Value at 5000 psi 0.24
CV-Value at 10000 psi 0.12 / 0.06
CV-Value at 20000 psi 0.03

Technical Data

Configuration 2-Way, on/off valve / 3-Way, 4 position valve
Environment Temperature 180 °F (80 °C)

*default configuration