Syringe Stirrer neMIX 50

Stirring Systems

Syringe Stirrer neMIX 50

50 ml Syringe with integrated Magnetic Stirrer

Pulsation-free Dosing of aqueous and viscous Mixtures without Sedimentation

In some applications it is necessary to ensure the gentle mixing of substances or to keep the concentration of mixed substances nearly constant over a certain amount of time during dosing and to prevent sedimentation.

The neMIX 50 syringe stirrer is the perfect solution for both requirements. Its combination of stirring and linear motion ensures optimum mixing of suspensions during the entire dosing process.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Pulsation-free dosing of aqueous and viscous mixtures
  • Gentle, stress-free stirring of cell suspensions
  • Wetted parts are autoclavable
  • Large syringe volume of 50 ml
  • Adjustable stirring speed (rotation)
  • Adjustable speed for linear movement of the stirring ring

Syringe stirrer operating principle

How it works

For this syringe stirrer we have integrated a conventional magnetic stirrer into an ordinary 50 ml syringe. A rotating permanent magnet in the stirrer ring of the stirring module causes the stirrer located inside the syringe to move in a circular motion. In addition, the stirrer ring can move in linear direction, covering the entire range of the piston. The stirrer on the inside follows this linear movement, while rotating at the same time.

These two movements of the stirrer – rotation and linear movement – guarantee an excellent mixing of suspensions inside the syringe, across the entire stroke of the piston.

The uniform, PID-controlled advancing motion of the neMESYS syringe pump module ensures pulsation-free dosing of this suspension.

neMIX50 Spritzen (50 ml Kunststofspritze und 50 ml Glasspritze)

neMIX50 Syringes

Glass or plastic - the choice is yours

The neMIX50 syringe stirrer can be equipped with either a 50 ml B. Braun Perfusor syringe (plastic) or a high-quality 50 ml precision glass syringe. Depending on the type of syringe, we deliver the syringe stirrer with the appropriate syringe holder + piston clamp. If you want to use both syringe types, simply order the second syringe holder as an accessory.

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QmixElements neMESYS Plugin

neMESYS Plugin for QmixElements Software

Pump Software that is Fun to Use

The neMESYS plugin incorporates all neMESYS syringe pumps into the QmixElements software suite. This plugin provides you with powerful pump features, which you won’t find anywhere else. The clearly laid-out, attractive user interface gives you a good overview of all important parameters, such as syringe filling level, configured syringes, dosing direction, current flow rate, current valve position or the current pressure.


Simple, Intuitive and Powerful
  • Graphical display of syringe size, filling levels and valve position
  • SI units for volumes and flow rates are freely selectable (ml, nl, ml/s ...)
  • The syringe wizard guides you through the configuration of new syringes
  • Real-time display of current values, such as flow rate, syringe filling level or dosed volume
  • Coloration of the syringe depending on the movement direction (orange = filling, blue = dispensing, gray = stopped)

QmixElements pressure indicator

Graphical Pressure Display

For more Safety and a better Overview

The pressure display for neMESYS syringe pumps lets you keep an eye on the pressure of integrated pressure sensors at all times. The display elements visualize the current value of the pressure sensor in the form of a digit as well as a bar diagram. The display also uses different colors – green (low pressure, yellow (medium pressure) and red (high pressure) – to give you a good idea of a module’s pressure range, so you can detect critical conditions and react quickly.

Configuration dialog for syringe selection and configuration

Easy Syringe Configuration

Selecting existing Syringes or Creating your Own

You can choose from a broad selection of existing syringes or use the syringe wizard to quickly configure your own. Simply select the inside diameter, the piston stroke and the syringe material for a new syringe and you are done. The software will then show you your syringe with the selected material and the thickness and length you selected.

QmixElements Safety Monitoring Dialog

neMESYS Pressure and Analog I/O Safety Monitoring

For more Safety through automatic Alarm Reaction

The analog I/O monitoring feature lets you use any analog inputs or pressure sensors as safety switches for neMESYS syringe pumps. In dangerous situations, such as exceeding a certain maximum pressure or temperature, you can stop neMESYS pumps automatically, shut them off or simply release an alert message. The inputs (pressure, temperature…) as well as the alarm response (stopping the pump, pump shut-down, warning…) can be freely selected by the user.

neMESYS Scripting System

Script Functions

Graphical Programming of complex Processes

neMESYS pumps are fully supported by the QmixElements script system, letting you program your own complex dosing processes in a very short time through a graphical interface using drag&drop. With powerful script functions you can very quickly implement requirements, such as time-controlled dosing with multiple pumps or the creation of flow gradients over a certain time period. In combination with other Qmix or neMESYS devices, this lets you set up complex processes and tests in your laboratory.

QmixElements Laboratory Automation Platform

QmixElements Software

Laboratory automation platform

The QmixElements software is a comprehensive, plugin-based, modular software solution for the control of all cetoni devices via a common graphical user interface. The software consists of a core that provides the basic features and services, such as the application window, the event log or the tool bar.

Qmix SDK Pump Library

Windows 32-bit / 64-bit DLLs

The Qmix SDK pump library is part of the Qmix SDK and your library for integrating neMESYS syringe pumps and peRISYS tube pumps into your own applications and devices. All functions are supplied through a Windows DLL (32-bit/64-bit), enabling simple and inexpensive integration into all Windows 32-bit and 64-bit development environments supporting the use of DLLs, such as:

  • Qt Framework + QtCreator
  • Microsoft Visual C and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • LabVIEW
  • Matlab
  • Agilent VEE
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio with C++ Builder

Qmix SDK Pump Library LabVIEW Icons

Qmix SDK LabVIEW Kit

Full LabVIEW Integration

LabVIEW lets you integrate all cetoni pumps into your LabVIEW applications, quickly and inexpensively. You will have a selection of approx. 40 virtual instruments (VIs) for the control of all pump functions.


  • Approx. 40 VIs for all pump functions
  • Clearly laid out grouping and color coding of VIs according to their function
  • LabVIEW-conformant troubleshooting
  • Sample VIs for quicker introduction
  • Supports 32 and 64 bit LabVIEW versions

Monitor with QmixSDK Pump Library LabVIEW integration

With the Qmix SDK you can…

And much more
  • Dosing of volumes (pick up and dispense)
  • Selecting Si-units (ml, ul, nl...)
  • Creating flow rates
  • Creating time-controlled dosing processes
  • Requesting current parameters (filling level, flow rate, dosed volume)

Qmix SDK

Qmix Software Development Kit (SDK)

For integration of cetoni devices into custom applications

The Qmix SDK is a powerful software package that allows developers to integrate their Qmix system and its various modules into their applications. Central to the Qmix SDK are device-specific libraries that provide the programming interface (APIs) for each Qmix module (neMESYS pumps, rotAXYS and neMAXYS positioning systems, Qmix IO, etc.).

Performance Data


Syringe Pump Stirring Module
Travel 120 mm 120 mm
Travel Speed 72.5 nm/s - 8 mm/s 6.6 - 200 mm/s
Stirring Speed 15 - 460 rpm

Mechanical Data


Syringe Pump Stirring Module
Weight 3.6 kg 3.4 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 370 x 110 x 65 mm 370 x 110 x 150 mm


Operating Temperature 0 – 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 – 75°C
Operating Air Humidity 20 – 90 %, non-condensing
Storage Air Humidity 20 – 90 %, non-condensing

Electrical Data

Power Supply Voltage (Input) 24 V DC
Peak Power Consumption Pump 70 W
Peak Power Consumption Stirring Module 50 W


CAN max. 1 Mbit/s
RS232 max. 115200 bit/s

Flow Performance


Syringe Material Parameter Maximum Pressure
Flow Rate min
Flow Rate max
[bar] [psi]
2.5 ml Glass 3 20 23 345
3 ml Stainless Steel 3.5 23.3 300 4500
5 ml Glass 6 40 17 255
Stainless Steel 7.1 47 150 2175
10 ml Glass 12 80 13 195
Stainless Steel 14 94 75 1100
25 ml Glass 30 200 11 165
Stainless Steel 35.5 235 30 440
50 ml* Glass 60 400 8 117
Stainless Steel 71 470 15 220
100 ml Glass 60 400 8 117

*BD Perfusor 50 ml plastic syringe also possible


Standard Syringe holder BD Perfusor 50ml (plastic) or HSW Ultra Asept 50ml (glass)
Custom Syringe Holder fix a custom syringe onto the universal carrier plate

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