Syringe Stirrer neMIX

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Syringe Stirrer neMIX

Pulsation-free Dosing of homogeneous Suspensions

Preventing Sedimentation through gentle Stirring

In some applications it is necessary to ensure the gentle mixing of substances or to keep the concentration of mixed substances nearly constant over a certain amount of time during dosing and to prevent sedimentation.

There is a solution for both of these scenarios – the neMIX stirring systems. They can be connected as an accessory to the high-precision syringe pumps of the neMESYS series. The stirring systems enable the mixing of suspensions during the dosing process.

There are two solutions for the creation of homogeneous suspensions: the syringe stirrer and the stirring bottle.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Pulsation-free dosing of aqueous mixtures
  • Gentle, stress-free stirring of cell suspensions
  • Various syringe sizes: 2.5 ml and 5 ml
  • Adjustable stirring speed
  • Bead dosing
  • Autoclavable

Functionality of the syringe stirrer

How it works

The syringe stirrer consists of a stirring element with a permanent magnet fixed on its tip. This stirring element is inside of a common high quality syringe. A fixture that is mounted on the front part of the syringe contains a rotating permanent magnet. This rotating magnet rotates the stirring element contact-free and the suspension inside the syringe is mixed cautiously.

The stirring element contains an outlet. The coupled syringe pump continuously pumps the suspension through this outlet into the connected microfluidic components.

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Dosing Performance (in combination with neMESYS modules)


Gear 14:1 29:1
Stirrer-Syringe 2.5 ml (1.7 ml)
Flow Rate Min. [nl/min] 2.9 1.4
Flow Rate Max. [ml/min] 15.8 7.6
Stirrer-Syringe 5 ml (3 ml)
Flow Rate Min. [μl/min] 5.9 2.8
Flow Rate Max. [ml/min] 31.6 15.2


Syringe Sizes [Net Volume] 2.5 / 5 ml
Min. Rotation Speed* 60 rpm
Max. Rotation Speed* 1628 rpm

*Rotation speed depends on media viscosity

Mechanical Data

Weight 950 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 310 x 47 x 88 mm

Electrical Data

Power Supply Voltage 24 V DC


Syringe Glass, PTFE
Stirrer Insert Silicone, PTFE, Steel, Epoxy

Environment / Handling

Operating Temperature -10 °C – 45 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C – 80 °C
Operating Humidity 20 % - 80 %, non-condensing
Storage Humidity 20 % - 80 %, non-condensing
Autoclavable Limited
Sterilisation 70 % Alcohol / UV


Because of the stirring element it is not possible to completely empty the syringe! The neMIX syringe only works in combination with neMESYS low-pressure modules!

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