Stirring Bottle neMIX

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Stirring Bottle neMIX

Gentle Stirring and Dosing of Cell Suspensions

The neMIX stirring bottle is the first system available for high-precision dosing of suspensions and aqueous mixtures. During the dosing process the stirring bottle ensures gentle mixing of dosing suspensions and is able to keep the concentration nearly constant over a long period of time.

The stirring process is so gentle that even cell suspensions can be dosed. This makes the neMIX stirring bottle the first system to effectively prevent sedimentation during the dosing process.

The stirring bottle can be connected to any syringe pump. To achieve the highest possible precision and accuracy as well as optimal results, we suggest that you use the stirring bottle in combination with our high-precision neMESYS syringe pumps.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Pulsation-free dosing of aqueous mixtures
  • Dosing of suspensions with uniform particle distribution
  • Gentle, stress-free stirring of cell suspensions
  • Bead dosing
  • Stirring of particle suspensions to prevent sedimentation
  • Continuous adjustment of stirring speed
  • Simple installation and dismantling
  • Wetted parts are autoclavable
  • The neMESYS syringe pump system can dose flow rates in a range from nl/s to µl/s without pulsation
  • Automatic refill from reservoir using the neMESYS syringe pump
  • Easy venting

Stirring bottle neMIX

How it works

The stirring bottle is a closed vessel with a pendular stirrer inside. It contains four fluidic connections for refill and for controlled dosage of the mixed fluid. A syringe pump continuously pumps non-polar displacement fluid into the bottle and with the same flow rate the mixed suspension will be displaced out of the bottle into the application.

With the neMIX Stirring Bottle fluid mixtures and suspensions are mixed effectively and the sedimentation of particles will be prevented. This ensures a continued stable concentration over a certain period of time and chemical as well as biological processes can be supplied reproducable.

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Dosing Performance (in combination with neMESYS modules)


Gear 14:1 29:1
Syringe 100 μl
Flow Rate Min. [nl/min] 0.12 0.06
Flow Rate Max. [ml/min] 0.63 0.30
Syringe 2.5 ml
Flow Rate Min. [μl/min] 0.003 0.001
Flow Rate Max. [ml/min] 15.82 7.63
Syringe 25 ml
Flow Rate Min. [μl/min] 0.03 0.01
Flow Rate Max. [ml/min] 158.22 76.30

Mechanical Data

Weight 510 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 103 x 198 mm

Electrical Data

Power Supply Voltage 24 V DC

Environment / Handling

Operating Temperature 0°C bis 45°C
Storage Temperature -40°C bis 80°C
Operating Humidity 20 % - 80 %, non-condensing
Storage Humidity 20 % - 80 %, non-condensing


Volume 1.5 ml
Min. Rotation Speed 14.2 rpm
Max. Rotation Speed 426.6 rpm
Suitable Tubes ID 0,8 mm, AD 1,6 mm

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