Stainless Steel Syringes XL Module


Stainless Steel Syringes XL Module

Precision Ultra High-Pressure Syringes XL

Made with the utmost Precision

For the neMESYS XL ultra high-pressure syringe pump we are offering you a portfolio of stainless steel syringes that is specifically designed to withstand the high levels of pressure that can occur when dosing with the neMESYS XL pump. These rugged syringes are the ideal solution for high-pressure and high-force applications.

They are equally suited for dosing aggressive liquids, since stainless steel is very resistant to many aggressive substances. The high degree of precision applied during the manufacturing of these syringes guarantees the extreme accuracy of the fluid streams generated with them, and, along with the neMESYS pump drive ensures low-pulsation performance.

Suitable for:

Volume Max. Pressure
psi MPa bar
10 ml 13000 89.5 890
25 ml 5000 34.5 345
60 ml 1885 13 130
75 ml 1450 10 100
100 ml 1232 8.5 85
250 ml 507 3.5 35
  • Wetted parts: stainless steel and FKM (seals)
  • Fluidic connections: ¼" female ISO