Stainless Steel Syringes Medium-Pressure Module


Stainless Steel Syringes Medium-Pressure Module

Medium-Pressure Stainless Steel Syringes

Maximum Precision for Minimal Pulsation

For the generation of high levels of pressure we recommend our medium-pressure stainless steel syringes. These syringes are also suitable for dosing aggressive media, since stainless steel syringes are very resistant to many aggressive media.

With respect to accuracy and pulsation-free operation of fluid streams, the precision of the syringes used is just as important as a highly precise drive unit. Our precision syringes are made with the same care as our pumps, guaranteeing highly accurate fluid streams.

Suitable for:

Volume Max. Pressure
psi MPa bar
3 ml 2883 20 199
5 ml 1706 12 118
10 ml 854 6 59
25 ml 295 2 20
50 ml 151 1 10
  • wetted parts: stainless steel (piston and cylinder) and FKM (seals)
  • fluidic connections: UNF 1/4"-28 male thread.

*Other materials possible on request