QmixElements I/O Plugin Screenshot

QmixElements I/O-Plugin

All I/O Channels at a Glance

The QmixElements I/O plugin enables fast and easy access to all analog and digital in- and output channels in your Qmix system. You can select the description, scaling, the icon and the unit for each channel. This lets you adapt the display of channels to your application in the optimum way.


  • Individual description and scaling (factor & offset) for each channel
  • Real-time recording of sensor data
  • Script functions for the automation of processes

QmixElements I/O-Plugin Scripting

Automating Processes and Actuating External Devices

Triggering Events, Converting measurement values, Monitoring measuring ranges…

Like all other devices, analog and digital I/O channels are integrated into the QmixElements scripting system through the respective scripting functions. You can load analog sensor values or send analog signals. You can trigger certain processes through external signals or synchronize your process with external devices using trigger signals, thanks to the script system. Do you want to control the flow rate of a pump in real time, using an analog input signal? You can program that too in just a few minutes, through drag&drop.

Process data plot with recorded sensor values

Recording Sensor Values in Real-Time

Visualize, Analyze, Optimize…

In QmixElements you can record the values of all analog and digital inputs and outputs in the form of curves or CSV-files. This lets you visualize temporal changes of process data or connected sensors (pressure, temperature, etc.) live and in real-time. You can configure the recording through drag & drop and save diagrams in various different formats (PNG, JPG, PDF…). Using CSV-files, recorded measurement values can be analyzed or graphically processed conveniently in Excel or any other analysis program of your choice.

QmixElements Software

QmixElements Software

Laboratory automation platform

The QmixElements software is a comprehensive, plugin-based, modular software solution for the control of all cetoni devices via a common graphical user interface. The software consists of a core that provides the basic features and services, such as the application window, the event log or the tool bar.