QmixElements Controller Plugin Screenshot

QmixElements Controller Plugin

Manual and Automatic Temperature Control

The QmixElements controller plugin provides a graphical interface for the configuration and visualization of all control circuits in your system. All circuits are laid out clearly, so you can easily activate or deactivate individual controllers or adjust target values. You can change the names of controller channels at any time and thereby adapt them to the requirements of your application or test setup, quickly and easily. Any changes you made remain in effect, even after closing the program.

The script functions of the controller plugin let you modify or adjust the temperature settings of your control circuits through a script, making it possible to create time-controlled temperature curves or cyclical temperature changes quickly and easily.

Configuration dialog for dynamic control channels

Create your own PID Controller Channels

For pressure-controlled Dosing and much more

The QmixElements controller plugin supports you in the creation of your own control circuits. Simply select an input value for the controller (e.g. current value of a pressure sensor) and an output value (e.g. target flow rate for a syringe pump) and then configure the PID control parameters – and there you are: your own pressure-based pump control circuit. The graphical real-time display of target value, current value and other control parameters helps you tune controllers for optimum performance.

Process data graph with recorded controller parameters

Recording Control Parameters in Real-Time

Visualize, Analyze, Optimize…

In QmixElements you can record the values of all analog and digital inputs and outputs in the form of curves or CSV-files. This lets you visualize temporal changes of process data live and in real-time. At the same time, this visualization helps you optimize your control circuits. You can configure the recording through drag & drop and save diagrams in various different formats (PNG, JPG, PDF…). Using CSV-files, recorded measurement values can be analyzed or graphically processed conveniently in Excel or any other analysis software of your choice.

QmixElements Software

QmixElements Software

Laboratory automation platform

The QmixElements software is a comprehensive, plugin-based, modular software solution for the control of all cetoni devices via a common graphical user interface. The software consists of a core that provides the basic features and services, such as the application window, the event log or the tool bar.