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neMESYS Multi-channel pumping system


Precise, pulsation-free, expandable

The neMESYS pump doses liquids with extreme accuracy down into the nanoliter range. Special motors inside the pump move the syringe piston without vibration and thereby allow liquids to be delivered extremely smoothly. neMESYS follows a modular design concept and adapts to your needs. You can even combine multiple pumps. In this way your dosing system can grow along with your application.

CETONI’s central software can control individual pumps or your entire pump system in a very intuitive way. The neMESYS pump comes in various sizes. Depending on your application, you can choose from four models, ranging from low-pressure to ultra high-pressure operation.

Completely tailored to your needs

You configure your dosing system together with our application specialists. Thanks to the modular design, you can flexibly adapt your system to changing requirements at any time and easily extend it with additional high-precision syringe pumps, microreaction modules or more powerful valves and pressure sensors.

Together with the powerful software package, the neMESYS syringe pumps offer you unprecedented possibilities in the field of high-precision dosing.

Lift your work to a whole new level now. Our application specialists are always at your side.

Possible applications for our highly precise syringe pumps

The pulsation-free technology used in neMESYS pumps enables safe development of chemical processes and the creation of high-efficiency production plants. Following are a number of application examples for precision syringe pumps:

  • Dosing of reaction solutions for screening applications and miniaturized syntheses in microfluidics
  • Highly accurate fluid dosing and creation of minimal, precisely defined fluid streams
  • In industrial and lab applications
  • Various lab-on-chip applications, such as DNA amplification (PCR chip)
  • Creation of micro-serial sample flows in high-throughput applications
  • Dosing of reagents with periodical gradients for the creation of compartment sequences with variable concentration of ingredients (creation of parameter spaces, e.g. in active agent research)
HPLC Setup with nemesys syringe pumps

Absolutely smooth piston movements

When compared to a conventional syringe pump or dilutor, our neMESYS system stands apart due to its ability to create nearly pulsation-free fluid streams. The neMESYS pump doses liquids with extreme precision, even in the nanoliter range. Special motors in the neMESYS pump move the syringe piston without any jerking motions, thereby allowing very smooth fluid delivery. The pulsation-free operation is brought about using the following characteristics:

  • DC servo motor drives
  • Position and speed control with closed loop PID-controller
  • High-precision linear axle with 1 mm inclination
  • Ball screw
  • 29:1 gear ratio
neMESYS Spritzenpumpe Antriebseinheit

CETONI Syringe Pumps

For challenging applications in research, industry and development

Many applications in the field of flow chemistry, micro-reaction equipment and microfluidics depend on pulsation-free performance in the creation of fluid streams. This is because small flow rates in the nanoliter range require utmost precision and incredibly smooth operation. When using our syringe pumps, you can rely on highly accurate mechanical components, enabling continuous processes, improved product quality, production flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to PID-controlled drives and exceptional workmanship, the CETONI neMESYS syringe pump is a perfect match for challenging applications in research, industry and development.

Nemesys Dosiersystem