neMESYS UserInterface


neMESYS UserInterface

neMESYS UserInterface

The microfluidics software

The neMESYS user interface is a versatile and easy-to-use tool to control and configure the neMESYS dosing system.

The software covers many applications, such as the creation of constant fluid streams, dosing specific volumes, manual interactive flow control or the creation of complex flow profiles on the basis of value tables or mathematical functions.

neMESYS syringe pump system + neMESYS UserInterface software

Graphical User Interface

Clearly laid out and Easy to Use
  • Automatic detection of connected dosing units (up to 32)
  • Display of syringe size, syringe filling level and valve position
  • SI-units for volume and flow rates are freely selectable (ml, nl, ml/s ...)
  • Easy configuration of new syringes
  • Real-time display of all current values, such as flow rate, syringe filling level or dosed volume

Reading of pressure and temperature sensors

Sensor Reading

Integration of External Temperature and Pressure Sensors

The software does not only show readings from internal sensors (e.g. pressure sensor on the high-pressure module), but also readings of external sensors connected through the neMESYS I/O interface.

Various sensor parameters, such as measuring range, value range, SI-unit, can be configured freely. You can even configure actions to be executed upon exceeding or undercutting target values (alert message, dosing stop, etc.).

Flow profile editor screenshot

Flow Profiles

Mathematical or Manual Generation

The software supports you with the creation and editing of complex flow profiles. You can generate flow profiles based on mathematical functions or you can import profiles from text files you previously generated in Excel.

Notebook with neMESYS UserInterface software

Additional Highlights

Automatic Valves, Continuous Flow and much more

The many highlights also include:

  • Pairing two pumps to create uninterrupted, continuous flow
  • Automatic valves for automatic valve-switching during filling and dispensing
  • Manual flow rate control using your mouse wheel
  • Logging all flow rates
  • User-specific naming of pumps

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