LED Array ceLED 96

LED Arrays

LED Array ceLED 96

Optimized for Micro-Titer Plates

With customized LED-array board

ceLED 96 is our standard LED-array. It is optimized for the irradiation of micro-titer-plates. It allows you to connect an external liquid cooling system to facilitate extreme power density in a small space. The LED circuit board can be customized. For example, we can provide different types of LEDs (wavelength and luminosity), different numbers of LEDs and different LED-configurations.


  • LED-board with customized wavelength, luminosity and LED-configuration
  • Several distinct sectors can be controlled independently
  • Optimized for storage of micro-titer plates (96-well)
  • Connections for an external liquid cooling system – high power density
  • Fixation pins for fast attachment of micro-titer plates
  • Temperature monitoring and automatic shutdown to protect the power LEDs
  • Safety hood to protect against optical radiation

LED Array Controller Mark II

V2 LED Array Controller

The V2 ceLED LED array controller is our standard solution for the control of cetoni’s ceLED LED arrays. Customized LED array solutions can be connected to this controller unit and controlled using our standard software.

  • Extremely fine brightness adjustment (resolution of 4096 steps per channel)
  • Virtually unlimited number of LED channels
  • Multitude of interfaces (RS232, CAN, USB)
  • Multiple controllers cascadable using the CAN bus
  • Full integration into our QmixElements software Software
  • Simple programming of proprietary LED applications using our Qmix SDK

Other products you may find interesting

LED Array Plugin

LED-Array Plugin for QmixElements

For all Cetoni LED Arrays

The LED-array plugin incorporates all of cetoni’s ceLED Led Array into the QmixElements software suite. This intuitive and versatile software lets you control the irradiation intensity of each sector of an LED array. It also supports you with grouping irradiation sectors and allows for simultaneous control of multiple irradiation areas.


Simple, intuitive and powerful
  • Irradiation intensity can be controlled very finely and individually for each channel with a resolution of 100 values
  • Flexible grouping of multiple LED channels with irradiation groups – simultaneous control of all channels of a group
  • Configurable standby timer for automatic shut-off
  • Fast activation/deactivation of all LEDs
  • Trigger output (to trigger a camera, for example)
  • Creating flash sequences with synchronous activation of the trigger output (configurable)
  • Controlling multiple LED arrays simultaneously

LED Array Plugin Scripting Functions

Script Functions

Time-controlled Exposure and much more

By fully integrating ceLED LED arrays into the QmixElements script system, irradiation processes can now be automated quickly and easily. Whether you just want to use time-controlled irradiation or need to program more complex exposure sequences, QmixElements lets you set it up very simply through drag&drop. In combination with other Qmix or neMESYS devices, this lets you realize complex processes and tests in your lab.

QmixElements Software

QmixElements Software

Laboratory automation platform

The QmixElements software is a comprehensive, plugin-based, modular software solution for the control of all cetoni devices via a common graphical user interface. The software consists of a core that provides the basic features and services, such as the application window, the event log or the tool bar.

Qmix SDK Analog I/O Library

Windows 32-Bit / 64-Bit DLLs

Mit der Analog I/O Library haben Sie Zugriff auf alle LED Kanäle der LED Arrays. Jeder LED Kanal steht in der Bibliothek als analoger Ausgangskanal zur Verfügung und durch schreiben des analogen Ausgangswertes setzen Sie die Helligkeit des entsprechenden LED Kanals. Alle Funktionen werden über eine Windows DLL (32-bit / 64-bit) zur Verfügung gestellt. Dies ermöglicht die einfache und kostengünstige Einbindung in alle Windows 32-bit und 64-bit Entwicklungsumgebungen, die die Verwendung von DLLs unterstützen.

Logo QmixSDK Analog I/O Library

Qmix SDK Analog I/O Library LabVIEW VIs

Qmix SDK Analog I/O LabVIEW Kit

Steuern Sie Ihr LED Array mit Ihrer eigenen LabVIEW Anwendung

Das Analog I/O LabVIEW Kit stellt für alle Funktionen der Analog I/O Library entsprechende virtuelle Instrumente (VIs) zur Verfügung. D.h., Sie müssen die DLLs nicht selbst in LabVIEW integrieren sondern nutzen einfach die vorhandenen VIs. Damit haben Sie auch aus LabVIEW heraus Zugriff auf alle LED Kanäle der ceLED LED Arrays.


  • übersichtliche Gruppierung und Farbcodierung der VIs nach Funktion
  • Verwendung zusammen mit allen weiteren Qmix SDK Bibliotheken (Pump, Valve, Motion Control...)
  • LabVIEW konforme Fehlerbehandlung
  • Beispiel VIs für schnellen Einstieg
  • unterstützt LabVIEW 32-bit und 64-bit

Qmix SDK

Qmix Software Development Kit (SDK)

For integration of cetoni devices into custom applications

The Qmix SDK is a powerful software package that allows developers to integrate their Qmix system and its various modules into their applications. Central to the Qmix SDK are device-specific libraries that provide the programming interface (APIs) for each Qmix module (neMESYS pumps, rotAXYS and neMAXYS positioning systems, Qmix IO, etc.).

Optical data (customizable)

Number of LEDs 96
LED housing SMD 1515
Max. Forward Current 350 mA
Available Wavelengths 365 nm – 1050 nm
Brightness Control 4096 steps (0 - 100%)
Separately Controllable Sectors 16

Well-Plate Dimensions

Dimensions (other dimensions on request) 127.8 x 85.5 x 14.5 mm

Mechanical Data

Dimensions Array (L x B x H) 250 x 115 x 69 mm
Dimensions Controller (L x B x H) 215 x 9 5 x 72 mm

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 24 V DC

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