Qmix SDK for Python available ...

Qmix SDK for Python available ...

Published on 24.07.2018

Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages and is the most popular programming language for artificial intelligence (AI) & deep learning and thus the language of data science. The main advantage of Python is its ease of programming, which significantly reduces the time required to develop, debug, and maintain the code.

Based on our Windows and Linux shared libraries you will get a complete Python integration from CETONI. All functions and devices are fully supported - for Windows and Linux (x86). With Python + Qmix SDK you will get a »Rapid Application Development« tool (RAD) for the quick automation of microfluidic processes and for the development of complex applications and analyses in the field of microfluidics and flow chemistry.

In a short blog post, we show you the first steps in developing a Python application with the Qmix SDK.

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