Successful since 1991

Mechanical Design

We develop the Mechanics for innovative Products

Our team is made up of highly qualified experts, who can find solutions for almost any design challenge. Our machine-building engineers are experienced in many sub-disciplines and have comprehensive application knowledge. Almost every project we become involved with benefits form our holistic view of the requirements at hand and the close collaboration with our electronics and software developers as part of interdisciplinary teams.

Benefit from our expertise in these areas:

  • Development of ideas and solutions for your automation tasks
  • Creation of drafts based on your ideas and concepts
  • Development of existing device-, system or automation solutions
  • Design / detail design (2D and 3D) of device-, system or automation solutions
  • Creation of workshop-oriented drawings
  • Creation of prototypes (including prototypes made from your design documents)

In the following product areas

  • Transport systems
  • Drive systems
  • Magazine systems
  • Test benches
  • Laboratory equipment (test benches and systems for research institutions)
  • Devices (production devices, testing devices)
  • Medical equipment and micro-system equipment
  • Handling systems, Axis systems
  • Individual devices or device systems

Our service portfolio includes the creation of wiring diagrams, circuit board design and layout, as well as control cabinet planning and cable layout planning using ePLAN.

Electronics Development

Custom-made Control Systems

Hand in hand with the development of mechanical systems we create an appropriate control solution and a reliable electronics concept for each of our devices. Our portfolio ranges from the creation of wiring diagrams to circuit board design and layout to control cabinet planning and cable layout planning using ePLAN. We have many years of experience in the development of wiring diagrams and circuit board layouts using Altium designer. As a result, we have created an enormous component library, which is perfectly maintained and contains true-to-size 3D models for all of the components included.

Printed circuit board design

This enables us to fit electronic components into mechanical components as early as during the circuit board layout phase. It also lets us optimize the arrangement of mechanical components, such as buttons, displays and plug connectors. The result forms the basis for the creation of prototypes as well as sample and mass production. In this process we use third-party control hardware as well as individually developed control solutions and circuitry. Comprehensive testing and diagnostic tools and our own laboratory are used for testing and commissioning device controllers.

For your devices we develop:

  • Microcontrollers
  • Complex servo motor controllers (single or multi-axis systems)
  • Analog and digital circuitry
  • Testing and diagnostic tools for quality assurance

And we create:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Circuit board layouts
  • Test plans
  • Subassembly drawings
  • Documentation

Prototyping of prototypes


Prototypes, Precision Installations and more

Benefit from our technical skills and experience in the field of prototyping. We create fast and unconventional solutions for you in our comprehensively equipped prototype workshop. Here, our own experienced technicians will assemble your prototypes.

Our integrated workshop also enables us to make mechanical components ourselves and adapt ready-made parts, if necessary. The equipment in our prototyping workshop and the know-how of our technicians enables us to assemble our own products with the highest precision, or work for you on a commission basis.

Our CNC milling and turning machines enable us to manufacture prototypes and small batches of mechanical components directly on our premises.

Adjacent to our prototyping workshop is a technical lab. This is where your prototypes are commissioned. We have a comprehensive array of analysis and programming tools to ensure the successful operation of your devices and systems. Since the lab is spatially separated from adjacent facilities, we are able to test your devices under precisely defined conditions.

CETONI software developers

Software Development

Drafting, Programming, Testing and Maintenance

Over a period of more than 20 years, CETONI’s software team built its know-how in the development of modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing control and user software for automation and lab equipment.

Today, we posses comprehensive know-how in C++ / Qt multi-platform programming, real-time systems and programming of embedded systems (embedded Linux, ARM, AVR). Terms such as version management (GIT), continuous integration (Jenkins) and unit tests are not unfamiliar to us. In fact, they are an integral component of our daily work in the creation of reliable software products. We use them to develop powerful, flexible and user-friendly applications for you or adapt our standard software to your needs.

Qt - Cross-Platform UI Framework

We develop powerful, modern and aesthetically pleasing user software based on the Qt cross-platform UI frameworks.


To us, the development of libraries, drivers and software development kits (SDKs) for the integration of our devices and lab automation solutions into LabVIEW is a matter of course.


Our know-how in the field of CANopen and lab automation enables us to implement CAN-based control solutions quickly and inexpensively.


We rely on embedded Linux and the eCos open source real-time operating system for the implementation of high-performance embedded control solutions.