Successful since 1991

Company Profile

Curiosity, pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision – this is the foundation on which CETONI launched its business in 1991. The wealth of experience brought into the company by former Zeiss-specialists quickly yielded innovations in the fields of laboratory automation and special device engineering. With a staff of 40, CETONI now works on the implementation of groundbreaking technologies at its headquarters in Korbussen near Gera.

This is where the development and design departments have been working under one roof, since 1993. CETONI is known around the globe for its high-precision fluid systems, micro-reaction components and intelligent automation tools, mainly in the fields of life science, chemical process development and industrial precision dosing.

Our Service Portfolio

Standard Products and Customized Solutions

We are familiar with the complex matters our clients deal with and the demands of their business. With our flexible solutions we seamlessly integrate into their processes. In cooperation with scientific institutions and partners we explore new technologies and technical applications. Our proximity to our clients and our active support generate a wealth of application know-how. We grow along with the challenges our clients and the market provide.

Our modular and customizable portfolio enables us to fulfill the most varied requirements posed by our clients and their processes. We realize this through the combination of standard components and individually developed supplements. Our proprietary software platform lets us reproduce application processes, including their control, monitoring and documentation.

Quality & Service

The highest Quality Standards

We continuously work on our own improvement, with particular emphasis on conserving resources. We also regularly scrutinize our processes and efforts under the aspect of sustainability.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate

CETONI is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1997 new certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015