QmixElements now supports precision lab balances!

QmixElements now supports precision lab balances!

Published at 22.09.2020 , Tags: Product News, Software

Integration of a high-resolution precision balance in your application offers you precise information at every point in your process and thus additional security. With the help of our flexible laboratory automation software QmixElements, you can now integrate fine balances into your process and use them for targeted control of your high-precision dosing, automation of processes or permanent process monitoring.

Simply install the latest QmixElements update and getting started!

The QmixElements software now supports the integration of laboratory balances via the balance plug-in. A device driver for Sartorius scales (Entris, ED, GK and GW scales) is already included with the release of the plugin. This allows you to integrate your existing Sartorius laboratory balance into the QmixElements software without any great effort. Thus you not only extend your CETONI system with the possibility to weigh substances, substances or dosed liquids, but you can also synchronise or completely automate processes as you wish in interaction with other CETONI hardware and your own analysis.

QmixElements with two neMESYS syringe pumps and one balance

As you are used to from the QmixElements software, the configuration of the scale devices is done via the device configurator. Simply create a new configuration or add the scale to an existing configuration and save it. After activating the configuration, the scale is available in the software.

QmixElements Device Configurator

In the software, the scale is then displayed as a normal analogue input channel in the list of I/O channels There you can see the current value at any time and tare the scale via the context menu of the channel. Like all other analogue channels, you can also record this channel in the graphic logger or in the CSV logger and use it to create control channels. Due to the real-time recording of the measured value in the graphic logger, dynamic weight changes, e.g. when dosing into a sample vessel, can be visualised and followed very well.

List of I/O channels with balance channel

The measuring channel of the scale can be read via the script system and taring of the scale is also possible via a script function. This allows the scale to be easily integrated into more complex analyses and automated processes.