QmixElements DAQ Add-on

QmixElements DAQ Add-on

Published at 21.08.2019 , Tags: Product News, Software

In microfluidic applications, e.g. in the detection or measurement of droplets, it may be necessary to acquire certain analog values with a higher sampling frequency than was previously possible in the QmixElements software. For this requirement we now have a new QmixElements add-on: the DAQ (Data Acquisition) add-on. The add-on supports the USB-6002 multifunction I/O device from National Instruments. With this device, you can acquire data from up to 8 channels simultaneously at a sample rate of up to 6.2 KHz per channel.

Multifunction I/O Device NI USB-6000

The USB-6000 is just connected via USB to the PC and has 8 analog inputs with a resolution of 12 bit. In addition, 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs are available to the user. To use the USB-6000 in the QmixElements software, you only have to configure it like any other CETONI device in the device configurator.

QmixElements Device Configurator

In the software, you can use the configuration window for the new DAQ plot to choose which analog and digital channels are to be recorded in the plot and at which sample rate the recording is made. All analog and digital channels of the USB-6000 are available in the software as normal I/O channels and can therefore be used e.g. in script programs to trigger functions or to control other devices (e.g. pump flow rate).

DAQ Konfiguration und I/O Kanalliste

As soon as you start recording in the DAQ plot, the measured values of all configured channels are recorded in real time and displayed in the plot. At the same time, the measured values are recorded in a CSV file and can therefore be easily imported and evaluated by external tools.

Multifunktions-I/O-Gerät NI USB-6000

Now you have a powerful tool at your side to record measured values with higher sample rates. In addition, the DAQ add-on allows you to integrate an existing NI USB-6000 device into the software to get additional I/O channels.